Two Way SMS

Two Way SMS Gateway

Eurofox offers their client a two way sms gateway which enables you to get SMS, other than active SMS. This permits you finish adaptability in dealing with your approaching messages. You can adjust/modify or erase these got messages according to your need.

Benefits of two way sms gateway :

  • 1) Automation : In this we can specifically speak with your clients and can save time and resources. We can also set auto responses by automating the campaign or utilizing message triggers to send back unique answers on the basis of the keywords.

  • 2) Promoting and sales : 2 Way SMS enables you to make intuitive and drawing in advertising efforts that can be sent, checked and answered to, all by means of one stage.

  • 3) Real time : Their no interruption or delay in the messages which received in real time . its allow us to response us quickly or instantly

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Eurofox team is fully dedicated towards providing the best quality Bulk SMS Service to our clients. Our team is always active and available for helping our customers.
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